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Wind Work 2022 10 month Apprenticeship Program Monthly


Application now available at ThePracticalShaman.com

10 month Wind Walker Adventure Program

Group Program for Students of Shamanism and Teachers in Training. Offered annually There will be a two-hour plus monthly teaching session on the first Saturday of each month, beginning February 5th from 9-11:30 am (pst). There are several monthly support calls by advanced clan members, as well as a monthly special guest. There will be a weekly live check-in in our private Facebook group, led by fellow group members. Save these dates:Saturday 2/5/22; 3/5/22; 4/2/22; 5/7/22; 6/4/22; 7/2/22; 8/6/22; 9/3/22; 10/1/22; 11/5/22

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