About Us

Renee Baribeau is an award-winning, best-selling author (Winds of Spirit, Hay House; contributor, Energy magazineand a dynamic speaker who injects humor and practical wisdom into workshops and presentations. She’s a Wind Whistler using nature as her guide to assist individuals toward transformation, awakening and true purpose. She is also the Marketing and Outreach manager for Renewal Health Group and Montare Behavioral Health, the founder-creator of the Finding Freedom LGBTQ symposium and the new Emerging Trends in Behavioral Health (2022). 

What We're All About

The Wind Work® system channels an ancient sacred technique used by farmers, shamans and sailors. Learn how to transform your personal path. Gain insights into how to manage the wind patterns.

Master the ability to shift conditions affecting you. The Wind Work® teaches you how to connect with your true inner self (your spiritual magnetic north), use your body as a compass, and never get lost again. By working with the omnipresent winds in your life, you can restore harmony and balance, heal the body, and inspire creativity.

The Wind Work® is a collaborative community experience that is richly evolving and growing with the numbers of Wind Believers in the Wind Walker Clan. Renee has spent years being the legs and voice for the winds. Now we are working with a dedicated team and community to bring the gifts of the winds across the globe.

Learn Something Every Day

The Wind Work® is a step-by-step pathway to the transformation that deeply grounds you in both the spiritual and physical so that you can joyfully achieve all you desire. It teaches you how to tune into the present moment and receive the learnings waiting for you there. As such, it is always new, fresh and accessible to you at each and every moment. We have courses throughout the year. If you’re unable to attend them live, no worries, we have them available as a home study for you as well!

Our Vision

Who We Are

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

We are a strong and evolving community of Nature Lovers, Shamanic Practitioners, Seekers, Mystics, and the like. All gathered by the Winds of Spirit. Most will say, “I don’t know how I arrived here!” That is the nature of the wind. It will guide you to where you are needed. The Wind will support the journey that is destined for each of us. Reminding us we are not alone, and our community is steadily growing in the Winds of Grace from all over the world! We have touched every continent.

We are being encouraged to bring the Wind teachings into local communities worldwide. The winds help us to align with our Magnetic North to orient our life, instead of using the magnetized needle of the compass…we can utilize the intelligence and astute sensitivity of our own bodies. Winds of Spirit  teaches you how to connect with your true inner self, your spiritual magnetic north. It is from this sweet spot we bring renewed health to self and our communities. 

Learn From Wisdom Keepers

Renee Baribeau, also known worldwide as, “The Practical Shaman,” is an accomplished keynote speaker, mentor, respected business coach, dynamic spiritual teacher, and Nautilus Award-winning author of “Winds of Spirit,”, (Hay House Publishing Co).

Learn at Your Own Pace

Each course was designed with “You” in mind. They are easy to navigate and pace with the rhythms of your life. We believe the Wind Work® isn’t something you pick and put down. It is an integrative system with your daily reality!

Professional Certification

Is only available to Mastery level students who have taken all of the courses and proven not only their competency of the content, but an embodied relationship with the Winds. Displayed that they are in integrity within themselves. They have agreed to accurately represent all of The Wind Work® materials as they are intended.

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