Insiders Guide to Peru

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Insider’s Guide to Peru. A 7-hour spiritual tour by leading experts that live by the guiding principles of living in harmony with the lands and Ancient wisdom. According to the Inka, we inhabit a living universe called Kausay Pacha, “world of living energy,” a world in which everyone and indeed everything is alive and has consciousness.

First and foremost, we must all live our lives trusting in the future, planning to sustain the earth’s resources for our children and all other living beings. No matter when this message is found, children will forever remain our legacy. Elizabeth Jenkins will speak to the importance of building bridges between our culture and the Q’ero, allowing the Q’ero and us to evolve together into a better society. The Inkan prophecy carried down through the lineage of Sapa Inkas and Qoyas to modern times is actually a kind of map that not only reveals something of such tantamount importance as our own spiritual heritage, but also marks the pathway to our very future—complete with road signs—for the potential evolution of the human race.

You Will Receive:

○  Linda Fitch
○  Jorge Luis Delgado
○  Elizabeth Jenkins
○  Jamee Curtis
○  Bonnie Glass-Coffin
●  Information of where to go and where to stay in Lima
●  How to travel with conscious footsteps on these sacred lands