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Fire Tenders Gathering Collection 2023

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Experience the profound wisdom and insights from the Fire Tenders Gathering collection, an encompassing embodiment of the IAM Symposium. This collection provides over 24 hours of spiritually profound content recorded during the powerful Winter Solstice. The body of work delves into various aspects of our spiritual journey, inviting explorations that aim to elevate and enlighten our understanding of universal energies and their impacts in our everyday lives.

Featured in this compilation are enlightening presentations from renowned spiritual thought leaders – Sandra Ingerman, Linda Fitch, Deborah Koff Chapin, Marsha Scarbrough, Christina Pratt, Itzhak Beery, Evelyn Rysdyk, Linda Fitch, John Lockley, and hosted by Renee Baribeau, The Practical Shaman, and many more including graduates of the WindWork® apprenticeship program. Each contributor brings a unique flame to this spiritual beacon – their knowledge, experience, and wisdom weaving an intricate tapestry of illumination. Our prestigious guest line-up can be found here. Let us illuminate the path together as we learn, evolve, and foster a sense of unity and spiritual fulfillment.

Bonus Material Include:

Best of the IAM,

Fire Tenders Workbook

Making Wind Knots for Grief and Aya Despacho by Renee Baribeau

How to make a Talisman by Jan Engels Smith