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Apprenticeship 2022

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Set Sail. Embark on a 10-month  Apprenticeship/Teacher Program with Renee Baribeau, The Practical Shaman and Team.

This work is based on her Nautilus Gold Award-Winning Hay House Book, Winds of Spirit, and decades of shamanic initiations, extensive training, and direct revelation. Renee is well known for the weekly podcast, The Shamans Cave which she co-hosts with Sandra Ingerman.  This journey is for practitioners interested in ancient shamanic wisdom tools. Please be prepared to dive deep into the essence of your soul’s longing, and experience personal transformation, wind alchemy, initiation, and community. You will learn to move effortlessly through life with the Wind in your sails.
The Wind Mastery course is a 10-month self-mastery program that will prepare you to bring ancient shamanic wisdom into your daily life and back into your community. This work will prepare you to do wind work healing, teach beginners classes, and walk-in balance in your business and every day life.
Wind Work® is an ancient, practical, applicable, set of navigational tools designed to provide guidance, focus and direction in your life, no matter which direction the wind is blowing. This work is about meditating on the energy of something powerfully and physically REAL (the wind) and engaging its natural force to create incredible change, clarity, and contentment in your life. Let’s be clear: This isn’t the same old stuff you’ve practiced in the past. This isn’t meaningless mantras or white-knuckling growth or making a vision board and then sitting back and waiting.

The Wind Mastery 10-month journey is practical study of specific tools I will teach you to unblock resistance, move through your struggles, and truly harvest bounty in your spiritual journey. There will be space for pulling weeds, tending to projects, personal growth, while learning how to follow the mystical movement of the winds of change in your life.

Welcome to Wind Walkers Apprenticeship 2022. Mark Your Calendars. Feel free to participate as you are called.  The Wind will direct you.

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