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Wind Work® Basics

Welcome to the Fall Wind Work® Homestudy In this course, you will learn how to work with the Four Cardinal Winds, Eurus (East), Notus (South), Zephyrus (West), and Boreas (North). These Cardinal directions are constantly supporting and informing your day-to-day experiences. Together we walk the awakening compass to begin opening our awareness to the subtle

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Dynamics of Creatvity

Dynamics of Creativity

Wind Alchemy is ancient wisdom relevant to today’s ever-changing landscape. Understanding your personal dynamic of creation can help you navigate life, while being wide-awake using your internal intuitive guidance system and wind magic. In This Course: ANCIENT WISDOM TEACHING VIDEO 5 DYNAMIC WINDS OF CREATIVITY  5 IN DEPTH WIND WORK® PROCESSES   NATURE EXPERIENCE TO EXPLORE

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winds of abundance

The Winds of Abundance

Pay off credit cards, create a thriving following, publish a book, and move to the property of your dreams. What are your aspiriation? Now is the time to plant seeds for your aspirations to take root. Wind Alchemy will teach you how to create reverence, creativity, and abundance in all areas of your life! In

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Wind Work Basics 4 Modules

The Wind Work® is a step-by-step pathway to the transformation that deeply grounds you in both the spiritual and physical, so that you can joyfully achieve all you desire. It teaches you how to tune into the present moment and receive the learnings waiting for you there.   Learn to navigate change by embarking on this

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