IAM Symposium

Becoming “Inner Strong” IAM Symposium Winter Solstice Fire Tenders Gathering

Tools for Holding Space at the Fire 1. Live Opening & Closing Ceremonies Group will Experience an Opening Ceremony with Renee Baribeau which will include a Journey to Your Inner Flame. 2. Daily Prompts to Your Inbox You will receive a short video or written prompt daily. Prompts will be sent at midnight PST for […]

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WindWork® Tracking

Expanded states of consciousness can provide insight into your most pressing questions. WindWork®, teaches you to work with Wind Spirit Allies to receive guidance. In this workshop, you will learn the basic skills of Wind Tracking and experience a WindWork® breath clearing practice.  Bonus: Receive a Video Pronunciation of all the Wind Spirits in the

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WindWork Basics

WindWork® Basics

Ancient shamanic wisdom tools combined with Practical skills to navigate a turbulent age. You will: Awaken your supernatural powers; Create a living breathing outdoor altar for protection;  Expand your intuition and internal guidance; Experience Time Bending; and Deepen your intention with an Integration Sessions with an Advanced Student of Wind Work®. Small group guidance by

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Apprenticeship 2022

Set Sail. Embark on a 10-month  Apprenticeship/Teacher Program with Renee Baribeau, The Practical Shaman and Team. This work is based on her Nautilus Gold Award-Winning Hay House Book, Winds of Spirit, and decades of shamanic initiations, extensive training, and direct revelation. Renee is well known for the weekly podcast, The Shamans Cave which she co-hosts

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